Specializing In


School Programs: We specialize in helping families get services at schools, public, private, and charter schools. Children on an IEP (Individualized Education Program) require special services that are guided by federal and state laws. We have staff that keep up with both state and federal Special Education law. We also provide information to families that need assistance with the school to start IEP services. Along with IEP services some children have a 504 plan and we can help with that too.


Behavioral Issues: The state of Idaho has many services to help children with behavior problems. There are many providers that are willing to provide their services in this area. We work with these providers and help our families get the behavior services that best meets the individual needs of the child. It is our job to insure that you are getting the best results out of your services, both state funded and privately. We have staff that have training in changing behaviors in children and adults.


Medical Needs: Idaho has some of the best medical providers in the country. We also have children's hospitals in Spokane, Washington and Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. We pride ourselves in knowing the medical specialists in our area and ones outside of our area that will help our children. We also have medical specialist that help adults in our area. We work with your doctor to insure that you are getting the most appropriate medical services by the best available providers in the area. We know that it is important that you are able to get the most out of your medical experience and we are here to help.


Medicaid: Idaho Medicaid can be extremely complicated to deal with. There are many different programs and many different ways to qualify for Idaho Medicaid. We work very hard to keep informed on the available programs and the qualifications for those programs. We are here to help you get the services that you need and if that includes helping with getting or maintaining Medicaid for you or your child, we are here to help.


Qualifications: We at Associates for Family Independence are here to help families help themselves. We specialize in helping those with special needs. There are many ways to qualify for our services. If you have questions about qualification do not hesitate to contact us. We help individuals with: Autism, Syndromes, ADHD, Mental Health needs, Impairments, Behavior needs, emotional needs, Developmental needs, etc. Please contact us and we will let you know if we can help with your individual need.



Other services that we need help with:
Community Transportation Housing
Chiropractor Special Medications
Medical Equipment and Prosthetic Devices Diagnostic Services
Optometric and Eyeglasses Personal Care Services
Respire Care Laboratory Clinic Services
Rehabilitation Services Emergency Hospital
Speech/Language/Hearing Services Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy  
Guardianship and Other Legal Matters That Effect the Family